AES Day 1…sort of…

Just arrived in SF for the AES Convention. Not much to report today, other than blowing into the city JUST in time for the San Francisco Giants’ World Series Victory Parade. That was truly excellent for traffic flow. Went over to the Moscone Center to check out the happenings. Pretty much empty booths and packed boxes everywhere. Although some of the big companies (Avid, SSL, Focal) had the union folks setting up their gigantic displays.

The convention kicks off tomorrow with panel discussions and meetings. The exhibition portion runs Friday – Sunday.

The last AES I came to was here in 2008. This one has considerably fewer exhibitors. And a LOT of consolidation. Which I suppose is good in a way. I don’t personally believe that the industry could ever support as many trade publications as there were. Now many of them have been gobbled up by the same publishing company. And a lot of smaller companies have banded together in order to afford to show their wares. It will be interesting to see how that works out.

Of course, the bad side is obvious. All of this consolidation and sharing is indicative of the unfortunate truth. It’s very hard to make a living in the recording/audio business when nobody buys records.

Will’s heading to the AES convention in SF with JCF Audio!

JCF Audio Latte Logo

It’s been a hectic week! We wrapped tracking for the new I, Pistol EP yesterday, and the guys are currently somewhere over the Lower 48 en-route to Boston. I’m doing some clean up work on the tracks, which sound incredible. After a day of recovery tomorrow I’ll be leaving town myself. Heading up to San Francisco for the AES (Audio Engineering Society) Convention at the Moscone Center in San Francisco!

I’ll be helping man the booth for my good friend – and builder of amazing A/D and D/A converters – Josh Florian. You’ll see Josh’s company name (JCF Audio) all over the Studio P equipment list. His equipment is used by such heavyweights as Bill Schnee, Al Schmitt, and Doug Sax. It’s pretty amazing stuff, and he’s been pretty amazing to me over the years.

In addition Josh will be using some of my productions to demonstrate his equipment. Which is a real honor. Vanity Machine, Alison Pipitone, and The Photo Atlas will all be on tap at the booth.

So if you’re going to be in SF for the convention later this week, stop on by!

I, Pistol: Day 3

An incredibly productive 3rd day. Rick Taylor laid down some amazing guitar tracks. Such a pleasure to work with good (and well-prepared) musicians. Also good to have fine equipment (and libations) on tap! This thing is really starting to rock.