Studio P Tops YouTube Charts!

Studio P partner and resident genius Rafael Serrano (very) recently finished doing some sound design/mixing for a short film on YouTube. And he did a hell of a job, because it hit the Most Played Lists like a bomb! Front page placement yesterday within hours! And worldwide hits. The video has been up for less than two days, and has almost 2 million plays!

Just a little reminder that we can also lock to video here at Studio P. And if you’d like to get in touch with Raf for your next project, you can email him.

Black Kettle EP Tracking Tomorrow

Just a quick update…

Very excited to be starting “official” tracking of the new Black Kettle EP tomorrow at Sound City Studios in beautiful downtown Van Nuys, CA. We’ve got some great people on board to help bring the girls’ vision to life. I can’t wait to hear how it all comes together!

Keep an eye out for photos, videos, etc. through both my site/social network and theirs!

Black Kettle Limited Time Free Xmas Download!

Black Kettle

Hey everybody! It is my distinct pleasure to pass along this free download from Black Kettle! It’s a great little Christmas ditty called “Maybe This Year.” I had the pleasure of doing the production/engineering/mixing honors. Please feel free to download at will, pass it along to friends, and spread some holiday cheer!

We’re back in the studio working on some new songs now, so if you dig this one, keep an eye out for the new stuff in the near future!