New Oxblood (Bobby Raw) Single “Hold My Own” Out!

If you’re a fan of Jack’s Mannequin, John Legend, Something Corporate, or former L.A. indie rock power trio Bikelock, you’re familiar with guitarist/vocalist Bobby Raw‘s work. He’s now got a new project called Oxblood, and he graciously asked me to mix his/their new single entitled “Hold My Own.” It is an absolutely gorgeous song, and Bobby brought in his Jack’s co-horts Jay “J-Mac” McMillan on drums, and Jonathan “Dr. J.” Sullivan on bass. Bobby himself handled the vocals, guitars, keys, and production work.

New Thick As Thieves Video For “These Days”

Thick As Thieves has just released a video for the title song off of their EP “These Days.” As mentioned before in this space, I was the producer, engineer, and mixer for this band of crazy rapscallions on this project. I’d love it if you took a look! (And so would they!)

I’m in the midst of working on what – at least for me – is a MASSIVE blog entry covering a few of the projects I’ve been lucky enough to work on during the past year. I took a moment to reflect last week, and I’ve really been lucky to have had some of the cool musical experiences people have afforded me. So I want to share some of that with you.

In the meantime, check out these cool motherfuckers!