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Eric Wainaina, Patoh Njuguna, And Frasha Collaborate On “Disco”

Eric Wainaina, Patoh Njuguna, and Frasha Collaborate On “Disco”

I am SO excited to announce the release of this song/video which I co-produced with the amazing Eric Wainaina. I also recorded and mixed. It’s a song by upcoming Kenyan artist Patoh Njuguna (a former student of Eric’s) called “Disco.” And it features Patoh, Eric, and the KILLER rapper Frasha from the hit Kenyan group P-Unit. An old-school jam with new-school flavor. And I want to make sure I give a huge shout-out to the great group of musicians here in Los Angeles who helped shape this track: Blake Straus on guitar, David Dudley-Corwin on bass, Taylor Dexter on drums, and “The Secret Weapon” Kevin Hastings on keyboards! Thanks to everyone! Here’s the video:

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