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Kailynn West Launches Album Kickstarter Campaign!

In the early hours of this morning, my friend Kailynn West launched a Kickstarter campaign for her upcoming solo album. She’s a tremendous writer, musician, and person. I’ll let her do the explaining about the record, campaign, and very cool incentives here:

I first met Kailynn almost 3 years ago (!) now at SXSW. Where, just reaching the end of her time at Berklee College Of Music, she was performing with her band Black Kettle. I was lucky enough to work on a couple of one-off recordings with them the following summer, and eventually produced an EP and a couple of singles. We had an absolute blast on those projects. Some of the most fun I’ve ever had in the studio. So when Kailynn started talking to me about the possibility of doing some solo recordings last year, I jumped at the chance.

We decided to lay down a song or two, and see how things went. Our friends Charlie Paxson and Eric Holden graciously agreed to come in and play drums and bass respectively on two songs. Over the course of a number of months we shaped and honed them as Kailynn worked to make the songs sound uniquely hers. Recording, mixing, recording again, re-writing, re-recording, mixing again…you get the idea! Until the sound she had in her head was what we heard coming out of the speakers. Somewhere along the line I got the idea that this music in particular would benefit in a big way from being mixed to tape. More time and money were invested as reels were bought, vintage tape machines broke down, and were repaired. It took a lot of time, and a lot of patience, but we’re both thrilled with the results!

Of course mixing to tape means we have to go to a “for real” mastering engineer and facility to get the music to you. Because we can’t very well make and/or sell thousands of reel to reel tape versions of these songs! Mixing to, and mastering from tape is a lost art that separates the adults from the adolescents. We needed a real pro. So I called up my main man Robert Hadley at the Mastering Lab to come on board and give us a hand.

All the while Kailynn kept writing new songs, making amazing cover videos, and talking about expanding our little two song experiment into a full album. Every time she shared a demo I got more excited about the prospect.

As you’d expect, involving all of these amazing people, and taking so much time and care with these recordings means spending the money to make it all happen. Hence the Kickstarter campaign, which will only cover a portion of the costs of producing this album. And we’re going to continue to approach the new songs as we did the first two. Taking our time, involving the right people, never compromising if we think we can do better, and most likely having ridiculous fun along the way. It’s the way we both love to work. It’s the way our favorite records were made. And you’ll be able to hear it in the final product. We promise!

I believe so deeply in this project that I’ve agreed to be included in the incentives. At the top funding level of $1000 you can have Kailynn engineer and produce a song for you, which I’ll then mix! So please check out her videos, her music, and her incentives, and give what you can! It’s gonna be great!

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