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More I, Pistol…Capra to come.

What a great weekend at AES in San Francisco. So many great people. Lots of great gear. Plus, an amazing city to spend a weekend in. Definitely lots of great word-of-mouth and press for JCF Audio. Josh reported to me this morning that he already has more website hits in the first week of this month than he usually gets for an entire month!

But for me, it’s back to work. Got some production work, and rough-mixing to do on the last of the four new I, Pistol tunes. Another wonderful day will be spent at Studio P.

Then tomorrow I de-camp, and head over to Studio Delux. I’ll be doing a few days of work on the new Capra record with Matt Wallace at the helm. More projects moving from the back to the front burner after that! Idle hands are the devil’s plaything.

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