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NAMM, Berklee, and Ongoing Projects

Had a blast spending a couple of days at the NAMM convention this past weekend. A few highlights:

-The AMAZING reception JCF Audio’s new AD8 with PEP got from absolutely everybody who heard it. PEP processing is a game-changer. The word is getting out.

-Had a great drink and then dinner hang with Carl Beatty, Mark Wessel, Leanne Ungar, Jonathan Wyner, and Roger Brown from Berklee. Amazing discussions about being a Berklee alum, and the positive changes happening at the school.

-Caught a quick lunch with bassist extraordinaire, Eric Holden. If you’re looking for someone to lay down some really thoughtful and grooving bass tracks, Eric’s your guy.

-Chatted with long-lost classmate Nate Jenkins about the current state of dance/electronic music. It’s a buried passion of mine, and Nate is on the leading edge.

-Met and hung out with Paul Reed Smith. A great guy all around. Glad I finally got a chance to meet and talk with him.

-Heard Tony McManus and David Grissom tear it up doing demos in the PRS room. It’s a little disturbing that some of the best musicianship/performances I’ve seen in years happened during a product demonstration at a trade show. What can we do about this, people?

-Another excellent hang at the Berklee Alumni Brunch yesterday at the Fairmont Miramar. Will Sandalls, Richard Furch, Kyler England, Eric Peterson, Ryan and Lydia Leach, Zoux, and a bunch of folks I know I’m forgetting!

As for the world of work, we’ve been burning the candle at both ends at Studio P. The Black Kettle EP continues its excellent creative journey toward completion. Should be mixing in a couple of weeks. The I, Pistol EP goes to mastering next week at The Mastering Lab. What a treat it’s going to be to work from a tape master! It’s been a very long time! Also spent a couple of days working with Matt Wallace on the new Andy Grammer release for S-Curve Records. Looks like we’ll be shifting into mix mode for a while, with another EP lined up in the queue for early Feb.

Hope everybody’s 2011 has gotten off to an excellent start!

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