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Paper Jamz, Videos, New Projects, and a Signing!

It’s been a little while here on the old! So let’s get straight to the good stuff…

First of all BIG news for a couple of clients. I, Pistol and the Alison Pipitone Band will both have songs featured on the new line of Paper Jamz products! I, Pistol’s “Never Coming Back” from the soon-to-be-released “Trust” EP; and Alison Pipitone’s “When Down Comes Tumbling Down” from 2009’s “Me And Miss Grimes” full-length. I had the distinct pleasure of producing, mixing, and engineering both projects. Word has it there will be some exciting additions to the current roster of Paper Jamz instruments. Keep an eye out later this year. Congratulations to everyone in both bands!

There are a number of videos in the pipeline as well. Starting with TODAY’S release of both the new Vanity Machine single and video at 3pm Pacific on their homepage and Youtube channel! I don’t think I’m telling any secrets at this point if I say that it’s a completely twisted cover of Bill Withers’ “Use Me.” And if the early cuts I’ve seen are any indication, the video is going to be every bit as cool as the band’s interpretation of the song. As I believe I’ve mentioned here before, I was brought on board to mix the tune. It was an absolute joy. And if you like what you hear/see, check Vanity Machine’s “Eat Words” EP from late last year.

In other video production news, Black Kettle (whose latest release I produced, engineered, and mixed) have two new videos in the pipeline for songs off of their now iTunes Music Store-available self-titled EP! The videos will feature different versions of the songs, and they’re pretty cool if I do say so myself. And I do…

The latest news out of Studio P is that I’ve been working on a mix for the incredibly talented violinist Jennifer Lynn. Check out the link to get an idea of what she’s got going on musically – which is a TON! She not only performs the standard classical works with various ensembles, but also performs as a solo and ensemble electric violin player. She’s even sponsored by some pretty cool gear manufacturers! Jennifer is recording an album of rock covers on electric violin, and she DEFINITELY rocks! We’ve just completed mixing on the single, which she’ll be releasing in the near future along with a video.

I’ve also begun production work on a new project with Uxbridge, Massachusetts veteran rockers GrandEvolution. It’s early days with this one. Sifting through songs, getting arrangements and parts nailed down. But I love the direction we’re heading in.

And finally, a BIG congratulations to The Photo Atlas – whose “Romantic Panic” single I produced, engineered, and mixed. They’ve just been signed to Merrifield Records! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next for those guys. But for now, you can catch them on their current tour through the Midwest and East Coast.

As always, more great things to come…

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