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The Exception That Proves The Rule…

In relation to my previous post referencing David Lowery’s great piece on the state of the music business, file sharing, and the overall misconceptions of technologists in regards to how poorly the music business is actually doing, I bring you this.

Here we have the perfect example of a tech-friendly blog using one – count ’em ONE – example of the “success” of file sharing as a tool for a sustainable career. That against the backdrop of thousands and thousands of failures.

And while we all love Steve Albini’s screed about the horrors of the “old-model” recording business, as David Lowery pointed out, it wasn’t quite the nightmare Albini made it out to be (which is not to say it wasn’t without SIGNIFICANT problems). Nor is file sharing now our savior. While his opinions are fearless, his logic is often worth questioning.

Blogs like this seep into the public consciousness based on small sample sizes, and snappy quotes. They’re based on a decade-old set of “artists vs. labels” assumptions about the music business. But they DO NOT paint an accurate picture of the current business of music as a whole.

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