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Thick As Thieves New Video: Please Don’t (Come To California)

I’m not going to be coy about this. It’s pretty damn cool when a band puts up a video for a song we worked on, and 3 days later it’s already cracked 75.000 views! I had the pleasure of producing, mixing, and engineering the “These Days” EP for Thick As Thieves. They’ve just released a video for their single “Please Don’t (Come To California).” Directed by the talented Zach Mann. We worked INCREDIBLY hard to pull together all of the seemingly impossible-to-blend elements this band brings to the table: Programmed grooves, live drums, hip-hop, classic rock and roll guitars, alternative edge, moody soundscapes, and great musicianship. Not to mention some catchy tunes and killer lyrics! All of which are on display here. Check it out!

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