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Tiny Stills “Falling Is Like Flying” Album OUT NOW!

Tiny Stills “Falling Is Like Flying” Album OUT NOW!

For those who keep tabs on these things, you’ll know I’m INCREDIBLY proud to have co-produced, recorded, and mixed the new Tiny Stills album “Falling Is Like Flying.” I’ve been posting about it everywhere, and you’ve been able to buy physical copies at shows for about a month, but the big day is now here! The album is out everywhere! A number of features and promotions are going on right now, so I thought I’d collect them here in one easy-to-use blog post! Click the album title above for the iTunes link!

7digital is giving away the first single from the album (“Starting Over Is A Lot Like Giving Up“) FOR FREE this week in celebration of the album release!

Grooveshark is featuring the album in the “new releases” section on the front page of their site.

CD Baby has the album for sale in its various forms, and TWEETED+INSTAGRAMMED ABOUT IT!

-If you’re of the Spotify persuasion, you can now stream the album there! Just please remember that purchase=support. So if you like what you hear, do the band a solid and buy a copy through one of the many digital outlets at your disposal!

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